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Jager OX controller generation 5 compatible Inokim OX upgrade 12MOS DC Motor brushless controller 40A inokim parts accessories

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Jager OX generation 4 electric scooter controller 40A 12MOS max power and speed you can reach on your OX

Q: Why we updated the Jager controller from 50A to 40A?

A: We update our specifications to accommodate Inokim production, so if the wires inside the Inokim motor change, our controller needs to lower the power to prevent motor burnout. If you upgrade with 50A or more, the risk of motor burnout increase accordingly. Also, please ensure you use it correctly while driving to protect the motor.

Q: What speed with Jager controller 40A can reach when the wheel is in the air without weight?

A: Jager controller 40A can reach 95kmh when the wheel is in the air without weight.

Q: What speed with Jager controller 40A can reach?

A: With Jager controller 40A one motor on flat road when the weight of driver is 70kg, the top speed you can reach on 48 volts is 50kmh, and 60 volts is 60kmh.

Q: Is Jager controller 40A more powerful than the original controller? Or is it the same controller as the original? What is the original one?

A: It is more powerful than the original one. The original one is 21A/35kmh max. So the Jager controller gives more power and faster opening.

Q: With Jager controller generation 4, I feel that my scooter drives slowly, my weight is 100kgs with a bag while driving. Why? What can be the problem?

A: 1. The problem can be that the battery voltage is too low, so you need to upgrade to a higher one;

  1. The problem can be that the breaks are too tight, which needs to be adjusted;
  2. The problem can be from the engine/motor, it's too hot or overheated and has already burned out.

Q: What is the approved heat temperature of the engine/motor? How to check if it is overheated?

A: The maximum approved temperature is 45 degrees. The easiest way to check is to place your hand on the engine/motor, and see if it is unbearable, if so it's overheated.

Q: I have an Inokim OX custom-built 60V 27.5Ah battery capable of giving a 110A peak. Will your controller be able to handle it?

A: Yes. Our controller is 40A peak, so the battery is very easy to with it; you can easily go to the dual motor version on this battery.More then this, this battery can support the controller to arrive 65kmh easily and fast with no redemption.

Max speed: 30 MPH.
Battery: 16A
Tire Size: 4.15" / Fat Tire
Range: 35 Miles.